We believe that nutrition and clean living
are essential for improving health.

Finding out my daughter has kidney disease and my wife has food allergies and Celiac disease made us rethink everything! -Jake


All of our recipes are free of gluten, dairy and tree nuts. Many are quick and easy whole 30 recipes, some vegan recipes and desserts.


We enjoy doing yoga as a couple. Choosing the right vitamins and ensuring proper nutrition have improved our energy and lifestyle.


We got rid of toxic chemicals in our home and replaced our cleaning, bath and laundry products with healthier options.


meet the hatfields

Erika’s hangry, Jake cooks amazingness.

The kids are picky.

Click on our photo to get to know us and find out why we created this blog! 


We purchase most of our produce and snacks from Aldi’s and order other items in bulk online. Here are a few of our must have items that we set up on Amazon Subscribe and Save.

We threw out our Keurig

so we could drink fresher, cleaner coffee

and it’s not only better coffee, 

it’s far less expensive and

better for the environment.

Satisfy your Cravings

Jake has developed many new recipes to replace things I used to eat before I developed food allergies and found out I have Celiac disease. One of my all time favorites is the BURGER BOWL – I don’t even miss the old school burger & fries combo anymore! -Erika

Whole Foods

Jake uses mostly whole foods for regular meals. Forget expensive gluten free substitutes, you can make your own great food at home! 

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