Chopped burger over fries

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This is one of the most popular meals in our house and one everyone will actually eat.

Ready in 15 min

Simply put, forget about the bun even the expensive gluten-free ones, just grab some extra fries chop that burger up and throw on whatever condiments you normally would put on a burger.

Serves as many as you like!

We make quick meals like this for the whole family even though the kids aren’t gluten-free. Have a kid who takes their hamburger or hot dog off the bun and eats it cut up on a plate? A lot of kids prefer burgers this way.



I added mushrooms and diced tomatoes to my burgers.

This added about 2 min to my cook time.

Step 1

Get your fries in the oven at 450 for 12 min. I never preheat my oven for fries.

Step 2

Burger on med heat seasoned with cracked peppercorn and minced onion.

Step 3

Cook your burger for 3 min, flip, repeat, then chop it up.

Always make sure your burgers are fully cooked

Step 4

Throw your chopped burger over your fries with whatever condiments you like.

Keep it creative and try adding new things and combinations!

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