How to make Pourover Coffee

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Serves, well mine is a 6 cup

Ready in 10 min

Sick of cleaning your coffee maker or Keurig? Or even worse you cleaned your Keurig and were terrified of the nastiness inside? Try making a pour-over or French press coffee. Most pieces can go right in the dishwasher and they have no tiny crevices to hold mold and old coffee grinds. We wanted a better, non-bitter, non-burnt, cup of coffee that was affordable and easy to clean up after and we found two ways that turned us into coffee snobs.


Step 1

Heat filtered water in an electric kettle. It’s best to have one that you can set the temperature of the water. 180-190

Step 2

Grind coffee beans by pulsating 15-20 times – don’t grind the coffee too fine, it will be bitter. If it’s too course it will be weak.

Step 3

I add a pinch of cinnamon to the ground coffee beans.

Step 4

Pour ground coffee into the coffee filter basket.

Step 5

After the kettle shuts off, I open the lid for about 2 minutes to let the water cool. Our kettle doesn’t have a temperature setting.

Step 6

Very slowly pour the water onto the coffee beans starting from the inside circling outward. Hold the kettle 10 to 12 inches above the coffee. The coffee should rise (steep) and foam in the filter so be careful not to overflow it. The slower you pour the more flavor your coffee will have.

Step 7

Wait for the water to stop dripping from the filter before you remove it and rinse it out and watch the steam doesn’t burn you when you remove it.

If I want a stronger cup I will grind the coffee beans finer and use a coffee filter to ensure I don’t get any grounds in my coffee.

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