Top 20 Ingredients in Our Kitchen

Our site contains affiliate links! We earn commissions off of sales linked from our site. We would not recommend any product that we have not used and had success with. Also always double check your ingredients labels! Companies change ingredients more often than you think and you never know what they will sneak gluten, whey or tree nuts into!

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These are my top 20 ingredients that I always try to keep on hand at home always.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Obviously, these taste better and are better for you! Buy organic if you can or at least brands/stores who don’t use pesticides.

Frozen Fruit

Easy and convenient for smoothies. Again buy organic when possible or freeze your own.


We get a lot of our meat from a small local store that gets it from a local butcher.
It’s nice to know where your meat came from.

Peppercorn Grinder

I use peppercorn in just about everything I make.
I have one that has an adjustable grind size on it.



Minced Onion

Just like the peppercorn minced onion is in just about everything and dried minced onion is quick and easy when you don’t have time for fresh or just don’t feel like it.



Bob’s Red Mill

I highly recommend using Bob’s Red Mill products – check the labels, not all are gluten-free! We use their pancake mix and steel cut oats the most, including in my cookie recipe and oatmeal bars.



Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

The Enjoy Life makes a variety of great products. We use their chocolate chips and chocolate bars.



Jif Natural PB

The amazing Jif pb without the glycerides and hydrogenated oil.




I use this great tasting, no sugar added applesauce for smoothies, oatmeal bars, in cookies as a substitute for eggs, and just to eat plain.



Nutivia Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for baking cakes and brownies!
I also use it to make fried chicken and other things.



Earth Balance Butter

Just like it says on the box.
Earth Balance does taste like butter and works well in most everything you would use butter for.



Dairy Substitutes

There are so many milk substitutes out there today
it is harder to choose which one to buy rather than being able to get it.



Culinary Coconutmilk or Coconut Cream

This is a necessity for making pudding dairy and tree nut free. I use it in many baking recipes that call for cream or condensed milk.



Vanilla Extract

From cookies and milkshakes to pancakes and waffles, who doesn’t like vanilla!




We love our coffee. We need our coffee. Do not try to talk to Mrs. Hatfield before her coffee!



Bread Crumbs!!

I was very skeptical when my wife handed me these at the store and demanded fried chicken, but it turned out amazing!




Rice helps taking gluten out of your diet easy. 
There are tons of different ways to use rice in breakfast, lunch, or dessert!



Italian Seasoning

An almost universal spice. I have found that some of the more expensive and organic spices have a better, more full flavor.



Brown Sugar

Many, many uses cookies, oatmeal, sweet potatoes.



Soy Sauce

This is an essential because, most of the sauces and seasoning mixes have gluten or dairy in them I started making my own!




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